Tena Men Take Control

Director Paul SG Boyd shares his favourite web videos from the past week. Any theme, any format – it’s a web video free-for-all!

Tena – “Control”

We’re all familiar with Dos Equis’s “The Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign.

Capturing all that is manly in one ascot-adorned package, the Dos Equis Man quickly became an international sensation.

So after dancing across hot coals, wrestling marlins out of the sea, and cavorting with historical babes, what’s the last thing you would expect out of this most interesting of men?

If you said “incontinence”, proceed to the head of the country club.

Riffing on Dos Equis’s airtight interpretation of masculinity, incontinence pad maker Tena has created their own series of ads featuring spokesman Stirling Gravitas.

We join Stirling as he demonstrates his control in countless ways: throwing knives, juggling chainsaws, and firing cannons off of the balcony of his mansion.

Directed by Jeff Low, Tena’s “Control” is a hilarious bait-and-switch – stringing viewers along until it’s revealed that even Stirling Gravitas needs help keeping everything under control sometimes.

College Humor – “Why You’re More Successful Than Steve Jobs”

What do Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, and Carl Sagan all have in common?

They all accomplished far less than you did today.

Such is the premise of College Humor‘s “Why You’re More Successful Than Steve Jobs”.

Joining several slackers at the College Humor campus, an innocuous question leads to the discovery that we are all more productive than dead people.

You don’t say.

Given this blurb is better than anything Shakespeare has written today, I think my work here is done.

Daniel Koren – “The Microwave”

Our final video sees YouTube artist Daniel Koren ponder the existential questions of microwave cuisine.

We join Koren as he shuffles through the kitchen under the cover of night. Heating up leftovers in the microwave, a stream-of-consciousness narrative relates Koren’s innermost thoughts as the timer counts down.

By the time it’s finished, “The Microwave” hits upon the very nature of what makes us human – revealing our collective unconscious in a manner Jung and Freud never could.

It’s somehow comforting to know that no matter who we are, the shrill beep of failure is but a mistimed reheating away.

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