Tiny Fresh Things

Director Paul SG Boyd shares his favourite web videos from the past week. Any theme, any format – it’s a web video free-for-all!

Mentos – “Tiny Fresh Things”

Mint ads have historically been a minefield of peppermint-flavoured pap.

Mentos was long one of the worst offenders, with their “Freshmaker” spots in the 1990s inspiring countless parodies and memes.

However, if their recent “Stay Fresh” campaign is any indication, Mentos is ready to freshen things up and cut through the web video noise.

Enter their new spot, “Tiny Fresh Things”.

Resembling a late-1990s Tom Hanks movie, “Tiny Fresh Things” opens with an attractive young couple exchanging good-nights. Clearly in love, they begin blowing kisses at one another in sickeningly-sweet fashion.

After one of these kisses misses the mark, everything takes a left turn. Setting off a chain of events that culminates in a Volvo driver getting his face violated by a bunny, our erstwhile Romeo soon cuts his losses and flees the scene.

Produced by BBH London, “Tiny Fresh Things” twists the classic mint-pack romance into something completely unexpected.

We may never look at Easter the same way…

Action Bronson – “Actin’ Crazy”

If you still have that fluffy facial stuck in your head, here’s a photo of rapper Action Bronson posting up on a CGI dinosaur with a flaming basketball:


Better? Good.

Ironically this is one of the more reserved shots from Bronson’s latest video “Actin’ Crazy”.

Directed by Syndrome (Eminem – “Berzerk”, Fall Out Boy – “Centuries”), “Actin’ Crazy” takes viewers on a wild ride through the rapper’s mind as he stands in front of a green screen.

The single take video sees Bronson cruise an all-American reptilian hoverbike, rip it up on a rainbow-powered shark jet-ski, and channel “Space Jam” by dunking a basketball somewhere in the stratosphere.


Swapping between untouched footage and CGI-enhanced sections, we see the crew re-set after each shot – revealing Bronson’s raging Cap’n Crunch addiction in the process.

Note to Vladimir Putin: if you want to step up your propaganda game, you should talk to Plus Four Productions about adding some lasers and missiles to your next Russian bear shoot.


Geico – “Unskippable”

The dreaded YouTube pre-roll ad. Sucker of time, shiller of crap, and all-around nuisance when you’re trying to stream your Noisey playlist.

So how do you get viewers to pay attention to something they’ve been conditioned to ignore? Go meta, baby!

Produced by The Martin Agency, Geico’s “Unskippable” pre-roll spots feature five seconds of action, followed by 25-55 seconds of awkward silence as the actors freeze.

Using sight gags like extended high-fives and out-of-control appliances to fill the rest of their running time, the actual “ad” part of the video is over before viewers even realize what’s happening.

The technique has the greatest effect in the “Family” clip. After Mom spouts Geico’s tagline, we’re treated to 50 seconds of the family dog eating everyone’s dinner.

Perhaps it’s just us, but there’s something oddly compelling about the dog making his way from plate-to-plate.

Not as compelling as a face-humping bunny, mind you, but compelling nonetheless.

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