“Who Wants It?” – KCPK


Video production company Iconoclast and director Nicolas Davenel deliver a visually-arresting portrait of Russian youth crime in KCPK’s “Who Wants It?”.

A cross between “Goodfellas” and “Kids”, “Who Wants It?” follows the criminal food chain from a crew of lowly street kids all the way up to the head of the Russian mob, showing how each layer exploits the one beneath it.

Providing commentary on the allure of the criminal lifestyle for kids living in poverty, “Who Wants It?” highlights the cyclical nature of criminal enterprises: each generation wanting what the next has, and the next all-too-happy to show them how to get it.

Artist: KCPK ft. STS
Title: “Who Wants It?”
Director: Nicolas Davenel
Production Agency: Iconoclast


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